"Having gone into his alcoholism, he never zashkvarilsya": Arkady Babchenko told about Yevgeny Osin


Arkadi Babchenko, a well-known Russian journalist currently residing in Ukraine, said that in recent years Yevgeny Osin has become addicted to alcoholism but has never had problems and has not supported the annexation of the Crimean peninsula by the Russian Federation. This journalist said on his Telegram channel, replyua.net reports.

As it turned out, Osin and Babchenko are familiar from childhood. In addition, Babchenko's mother was an Aspen class teacher. "We studied at the same school. He taught me how to draw tanks and airplanes in the classroom. Losers was also a bully. Then he became a famous singer. We crossed paths several times, "recalls the journalist.

At the same time, Arkady Babchenko points out that he had never noticed vanity or snobbery behind Eugenia Osin. "There was a happy badger from the back of the desk. After the fourteenth year, I stopped observing what was there and how. As, having gone to his alcoholism, he never zashkvarilsya, did not sign anything, nowhere about fascism did not shout. So children, quiet drunkenness saves from a spoiled obituary, "concluded Babchenko.

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