Gritsenko spoke on today's meeting with Zelensky


According to the politician, he was going to a meeting "not for his own job".

The politician reported on the meeting in the UNIAN social network / photo

The politician reported on the meeting in the UNIAN social network / photo

Today, April 6, Civic Platform leader Anatoly Gritsenko met with Ukraine's presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky.

Gritsenko spoke about the impressions of the meeting on his Facebook page.

According to the politician, he went to the meeting "not for his own job or for the team to join his team, but to feel and understand a person who has a real chance to become the head of state."

Gritsenko believes that Zelensky is not ready for the presidency, but is ready to make every effort and count on professionals.

Gritsenko also asked Zelensky about NATO's course, attitudes toward corruption and Kolomoisky's influence. And I have the answers that organized it.

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"Will he, as president, tolerate corruption and looting?" No, he will not. Will he hand over Ukraine to Putin, abandon the course of joining NATO and the EU, or humiliate the Ukrainian language? No no go. Does he have any obligations to Igor Kolomoisky? Assured that there is no. Does he have an agreement with one of the current top officials regarding his tenure in office or his place on his team? No, it does not. Everything that circulates around the Network (different names of the prime ministers, promoters, heads of the SBU) ensured that all this is false, "writes the politician.

In addition, they talked about the debate with Poroshenko, for which Zelensky was preparing seriously, and agreed to continue the conversation.

Gritsenko noted that he had not yet decided whether to vote for Zelensky in the second round because he wanted to see the candidate's team in the first place.

Recall, the leader of "Civil Position" Anatoly Gritsenko said he would no longer run for the presidency of Ukraine. But with the team begins to prepare for the parliamentary elections.

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