First look at the new Mazda3: good, but expensive


First look at the new Mazda3: good, but expensive

Meet the new generation Mazda3 One of the most popular models in the class, the company's best-selling, people's car. Or were all these titles already in the past? After all, the novelty rises to the top of the class in matters of brilliant design, trim, equipment level – but also in price matters: from UAH 676 thousand. Know the new product Mazda3 in the "first sight" format.

The fourth "troika": when less is more

If you believe that the representatives of the company, the fourth generation of the Mazda3 is created on the principle of less is more (ie "less means more" or "the simpler the better"). This approach is immediately noticeable in design: the car has lost several edges and drilling lines, with preference being given to smooth and uninterrupted surfaces. But the impression of "primitive simplicity" is misleading: here are complex forms of side walls, wings, doors – the surfaces literally flow to each other, creating an unusual pattern of reflections and shadows. This project is not immediately understand, you need to get used to it. The hatchback was particularly notable for it, and ended up being unexpectedly "daring": what is the black edge of the grille, rear lights with rounded cutouts on the bumper, the new corporate gray color "Polymetal Gray", a large rack rear with a transition to a massive wing.

Hatchback Mazda3 bold in his disguise, he poses the question bluntly: "love or hate." In all versions – dual exhaust: looks cool! However, so far, for all versions in Ukraine, only 16-inch wheels are stated: they look modest … The boot volume of the Hatch is 431 l.

In this context, the Mazda3 sedan is perceived as classic and understandable – three body volumes are strictly distinct: the hood, the saloon and the trunk. The grille has a traditional chrome finish. The taillights are stretched horizontally, but do not require cuts on the bumper. Given the longer body length (sedan 4.66 m versus 4.46 m in hatchback), as a result, this car seems more balanced in design. The remaining dimensions of the sedan and hatchback are similar: the width is almost 1.8 m, the height is 1.44 m, the wheelbase is 2.73 m.

Sedan more elegant, discreet, harmonious. And the trunk is over – 482 liters. If to summarize as a whole, then the novelty Mazda3 already managed to win the prize Red Dot for the design: well deserved.

A similar "less – is more" approach can be traced in the cabin. The first look recalls the usual rounded shapes on the front panel. But the second highlights several interesting details: around the driver – the similarity of the cockpit with vents, the climate unit and the passenger ventilation are cleverly disguised in the bowels of the front panel, the new steering wheel is made as subtly as if it came from the world of "premium Germans".

In addition to the steering wheel, the area around the automatic transmission lever is memorized: a selector-washer and additional buttons to control the multimedia system. A new generation of Mazda3 offers a new generation of panels: now with a center color LCD display. It's in so much detail that the Mazda3 creates a more "expensive" impression of itself: as if it's taking a step ahead of its competitors and striving to become a bridge between the "popular" brands and the "premium" brand.

The salon gives the impression of an expensive item: high quality materials, skillful detailing. The true "pearls of the interior" are the new steering wheel and the ventilation baffles. In addition, good equipment: LCD instrument panel with color screen, new multimedia system with 8.8-inch display. Nice! But how cool is the technique under the hood?

Less two liters, more diesel

And here everything is not so clear: the car was built using the Skyactiv-Vehicle architecture, which is the basis for future company cars. Everything follows an evolutionary development: in the body of the bearing, the proportion of high strength steels is increased, the manufacturer promises a significant reduction in vibrations and noise, a new generation of the G-Vectoring Control Plus system appeared, now taught to brake with wheels to control the pull vectorization. However, there are disadvantages. First, the car lost the rear multi-link suspension. Although, believe me, with the current level of technology development, it is also possible to teach the Class C rear torsion beam to drive in the way that only "multi-link" used to drive, while obtaining a more durable and easy suspension. to repair. Second, the novelty lost a 2-liter gasoline engine. More precisely, the Skyactiv-G 2.0 engine has been replaced by the Skyactiv-X engine with compression ignition technology – promises high-powered gasoline engine and diesel engine efficiency. But not in Ukraine, where fuel quality can fluctuate from refueling to refueling. As compensation, we have a 1.8-liter Skyactiv-D turbodiesel: 116 hp and 270 Nm, 4.6-5.5 liter flow in the combined cycle (NEDC and WLTP measurements). The alternative is the already popular 1.5-liter Skyactiv-G petrol engine: 120 hp and 153 Nm, consumption of 5.7-6.4 liters in the combined cycle (measured by NEDC or WLTP, sedan or hatchback bodywork). Both engines for Ukraine are only available in a pair with 6 speeds. "Automatic", front wheel drive.

But where the novelty has just acquired is to equip with different technologies. Brand new systems have been added: control of the driver's condition and a warning about the cross-drive ahead, emergency braking is now possible with the recognition of cyclists. In addition, an upgraded adaptive "cruise", keeping queues, monitoring "blind areas" of rear-view mirrors, alerting about cross-traffic from behind. In addition to full visibility, adaptive LED lights, BOSE music for 12 speakers …

The novelty has acquired some security systems, a circular view of four cameras, adaptive LED headlights and an audio system are also available. BOSE with beautiful "premium" speaker grills. But, of course, you have to pay for everything …

And here we come to Mazda3 big question – the price. For Ukraine, basic versions are not offered, even the STYLE starter pack includes LED lights, 2-zone "climate", alloy wheels, projection screen, rear view camera and MZD Connect multimedia system. However, the minimum price – from 676 thousand UAH. (almost $ 26,000) for the version with a 1.5 liter petrol engine: this immediately raises the Mazda3 to the top of the price range of class C. For a diesel engine will have to pay 80 thousand UAH. next complete set EXCLUSIVE (complex of security systems i-ACTIVSENSE, adaptive headlights, all-round vision) – additional payment of 54 thousand UAH. At the top of the model range is a 1.8 liter sedan with a diesel engine in PREMIUM equipment: leather upholstery, automatic shift paddles, BOSE audio. And the price is 840 thousand UAH. or almost US $ 32 thousand

How is the Mazda3, the consumption and the dynamics, and if we compare gasoline and diesel? I still have no answers to these questions: a Mazda3 test drive is planned for August, but in two versions at the same time – different bodies, different engines. Maybe then tell me about the Mazda3 driving class sooner than I can say: the new Mazda3 customer test drives will begin on the entire Mazda dealer network starting today, June 21.


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