Experts ranked high quality cars


Experts ranked high quality cars


Genesis recognized brand cars

He led the second consecutive year, three Korean popular brands – Genesis, Kia and Hyundai.

American Experts from J.D. Company Power and Associates has published the annual Quality Score for the Initial Quality Study for new cars. It was led by three Korean brands – Genesis, Kia and Hyundai. This is noted on the company website.

The Genesis premium brand received the least amount of complaints per 100 vehicles sold (63 of 100). The rear Kia is slightly lower in terms of indicators (73/100), and Hyundai is almost at the same level (71/100).

At the same time, Land Rover was the most effective at improving their cars. Jaguar also improved its results.

The most reliable cars in the world

Following are companies Ford (83/100), Lincoln (84/100), Chevrolet (85/100), Nissan (86/100), Dodge (90/100), Lexus (90/100) and Toyota (90 / 100). ).

Complete list of automotive brands included in the classification:

Photo: J.D. Power and associates

Previously, it was reported that CarsWeek experts published a ranking of the best cars in 2018.

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