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EPYC Server Chips Sometimes Outperform Intel Xeon by One Dollar / News /

It's no secret that 7nm AMD Zen 2 processors significantly outperform competing solutions in proportion to the approximate computing power and recommended price. The company decided to remember this advantage in marketing materials in the second generation of EPYC server chips.


According to AMD, the 32-core EPYC 7542 delivers up to 5.6 times more dollar performance than the 28-core Intel Xeon Platinum 8280L. As proof of his statements, the chip manufacturer cites the results of the SPECRate 2017 test package.

It is fair to say that the giant 'blue' variety has the Xeon Platinum 8280, identical in speed to the 8280L chip, with almost $ 8,000 less than the recommended cost ($ 10,009 versus $ 17,906). However, this CPU supports up to 1 TB of DDR4 RAM, while the EPYC 7542 and Xeon Platinum 8280L allow it to work with 4 and 4.5 terabytes of RAM respectively.


In addition, thanks to the 2nd generation 64-core EPYC processors, single-socket AMD servers can compete with dual-processor systems on the latest Intel Xeon Platinum. At the same time, the EPYC 7742 pair (64 cores / 128 threads, 2.25 / 3.4 GHz, 256 MB L3 cache) has a record speed, which is confirmed by new entries in the overclocking feature database.

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