England – Croatia 2: 1 game report, the British go to the playoffs


Nowadays League of Nations Group Tournament the last game in the fourth group of the first division was played. At Wembley, the England team hosted the Croat runners-up. Tournament cards were such that both teams did not like a draw. The victory of each of them led to the "Final Four", and in the case of the world, the Spanish national team arrived there.

The game turned out to be very interesting and dynamic. The entire first half was dominated by the British, creating a couple of dangerous moments, but played reliably at the gates of the Kalinich guests. After the interval, the design of the game did not change, but Croatia opened the scoring. In the 57th minute, Kramarich received a penalty pass from Vlasic, surrounded by a crowd of defenders, but with skill removed some of them in the backswing, the Croatian striker attacked and with the help of a rebound, the ball flew to the top corner.

England got a win with will power, thanks to Kane. First, the captain gave a pass for the keeper and Lingard of the meter rolled in an empty net, and then Harry himself, after giving a free kick, sent the ball into the net in a jump. England won – 2-1 and made the playoffs of the tournament, while Croatia leaves the elite division.

Yesterday the first team decided to play in the League of Nations semifinals. The Portuguese team drew with Italy and entered the decisive round of the tournament in advance, whose draw will be held on December 3.



90 + 3 min Croats can not catch the ball to organize the assault

90 min Three minutes cleared by the referee

89 min Yellow Card stay lovren

85 min GOOOOOOOL! After a free kick, Kane in a jump hits the foot and directs the ball to the corner.

82 min It was dangerous at the gate of the home team after the corner, Vida and Brekalo punched, but Pickford rescued the British

79 min Replacement for Croatia: instead of Vlašić came the horn

78 min GOOOOL! After the strike, the ball hit Kane, who "punched" past Kalinich and Lingard hit the empty goal of the underground

75 min The Croatian's most dangerous attack, Brozovic was in shock, but hesitated, then rolled back into Vlašić, the blow that was blocked by Dyer

74-minute replacement for England: Delph left instead of Lingard

73 min Replacement for England: instead of Rashford came Sancho

72 min Perisic punches, his blow blocks Gomez

67 min Yellow Card for food

67 min Brozovich stays yellow card

63 min. Substitution for England: instead barkley left ally

61 min Again, a dangerous counterattack of the guests, Perisic fled the defender and threw the bottom in the far corner, but did not hit

60 min A quick counterattack from the Croatians, Perisic gave a pass to Brozovic, who from 14 meters threw the ball after the gate

57 min GOOOOL! Kramarich received a penalty pass from Vlašić, twisted three English defenders twice and kicked, the ball almost hit the opponent and flew to the top corner.

56 min Immediately three Croats rushed to blow Barkley's penalty

55 min Delfa unsuccessful Delfa, the ball flew over the feather and went over the side line

52 min Kalinich caught the ball after hitting the bottom of the Sterling

52 min Modric filed with a corner to the far post, and there only rivals were

51 min Perisic with a sharp angle could punch, but decided to give the transfer along the gate, and then his defenders interrupted

46 min Brozovic blocks Stirling jab

46 minutes Substitution in Croatia: instead of Rebic Brekalo left


Middle Term Review

Bright Moments of the First Semester

The first half is over!

45 + 1 min Modric scored well on goalkeeper Perisic but that was not enough centimeters to catch the ball

45 min One minute cleared by the referee

44 min Rebic for punches above the gate because of penalty

42 min Rebich is very inaccurate in goal

40 min Kalinich plays uncertainly at the exit, hitting the ball with his fist at Barkley, who immediately hit, but missed the target.

38 min Perisic pierced with a sharp angle but did not hit the target

34 min Sterling got in the way

31 min The game calmed down a bit, the ball is kept more in the center of the field.

26 min Substitution in Croatia: instead of Vrsalko goes Milic

26 min Barkley received a warning for the failure of the attack

25 min Chillwell hit kick and goalkeeper Croat barely hits the ball

22 min A quick counterattack from the Brits, Rashford rushed to the penalty area, where Vrsalko in an incredible wire hit the ball under the feet of an Englishman

22 min After corner Kramarich hit the bottom, Pickford picked up the ball

21 min Perisic drilled at an acute angle, Stones hit the ball into the corner

19 min A series of corners of England finished with a kick above the gate of the Stones

16 min Incredibly, something is happening in the field. After a long throw in Stirling, Kalinich comes out of the gate and hits the ball with his shoulder to Kane, he immediately hits the goal, but the defender stays in the head, the ball hits Kane's leg, which again punches in the goal but Kalinich has time to come back and jump to catch the ball

12 min Warm again at the gate of Croatia. After a corner pass followed by a discount on the goalkeeper's line, where an uncovered Kane kicks his foot over the gate

11 min The most dangerous exit is two to one with the British, but Sterling is greedy, instead of passing to Rashford, he decides to punch, and Kalinich responds brilliantly to the coup.

9 min Two consecutive English angles brought no threat to the guests.

7 min Kalinich plays confidently at the exit, scoring a canopy in Kane

5 min The Brits organized a good otvetku, passed a pass into the penalty area in Kane, but the side judge wrongly registered a handicap

3 min The English barely got a goal. Delf gave no success back to Pickford, the goalkeeper had no choice but to play the lead and hit the ball with his chest, went straight into Rebic's leg, which did not enter the net empty, throwing the goalkeeper


The national anthems of Croatia and the United Kingdom

Commands in the field


England: Pickford, Walker, Gomez, Stones, Chillwell, Rashford, Dyer, Delf, Sterling, Barkley, Kane.

Croatia: Kalinic, Vrsalko, Lovren, Vida, Edvay, Modric, Brozovic, Rebić, Vlašić, Perišić, Kramarić.

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Remember the other day the Croatian national team visited the front desk in the President of the country. soccer players and coaches received state awards.

At the moment, there are already several teams that will replace the division in the next draw of the tournament.

  • Will play in the final stage: Portugal
  • The league will rise higher: Bosnia and Herzegovina (B → A), Georgia (D → C), Denmark (B → A), Ukraine (B → A), Finland
  • Go down the league below: (A → B), Ireland (B → C), Iceland (A → B), Lithuania (C → D), Poland (A → B), Northern Ireland , Turkey (B → C), Estonia (C → D).


N Team AND In H F M Oh
1 SPAIN 4 2 0 2 12-7 6
2 ENGLAND 3 1 1 1 4-4 4
3 CROATIA 3 1 1 1 3-8 4

The history of the confrontation between England and Croatia consists of nine fights: 4 English victories, 2 draws and 3 Croatian victories. The goal difference is 19:12 in favor of the English.

In today's game, the favorites are the ones in the house. Quotes for England's victory – 1.83, by draw – 3.75, for Croatia's victory – 4.25.


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