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Dynamo did not surprise us –

The Danish coach summed up the match against Kiev.

Stolbakken getty images

Stolbakken getty images
October 25, 2019 1:01 AM

Copenhagen coach Stole Solbaken commented after the Europa League match against Dynamo (1: 1).

"Dynamo didn't surprise us. I think our team played well. We deserved a draw and even close to winning we had a good chance. I'm happy with the team."

"I think Dynamo are still the group's favorite. Were you hooked during the match? This is because the Kiev team made a lot of efforts to balance the score. In the end, they managed to capitalize on the initiative for a while. But we managed to regain the lead and in the last 15 minutes we dominated the field, "said Solbakken.

Also for your attention a video analysis of the match of the Europa League Dynamo – Copenhagen.

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