Download Microsoft's Lite OS, the new "killer" of Windows 10


More than ten years have passed since the moment Microsoft released the latest stable version of the Windows 10 operating system. During this period, this software received five major updates, and the sixth and seventh are under development, but they seem to be the last, after which the legendary tenth "Windows" will rest, because the American company will offer all users the download of the Lite operating system. , that is, a new platform for computers, tablets, laptops and other gadgets.

This software is universal, although it has a modular structure. In practice, this means that you can install a new Microsoft operating system on computers, all-in-one computers, ATMs, cars, servers, as well as on any other gadget, even smartphones. However, of course, the first time Lite OS will almost certainly only be available on a limited number of platforms, but gradually your list will expand. Everyone who installs the new operating system, waiting for nice innovations.

Compared with Windows 10, the latest software will be more convenient and easy to use, and it can also have a number of other features. Anyone who decides to download and install Microsoft's Lite operating system is waiting for a completely new interface, including a completely redesigned Start menu. In practice, this means you need to get accustomed to the updated look of all system elements, but the new operating system will be much simpler and more intuitive.

It is known that the first time that Lite OS will only support PWA and UWP applications, but at the time of the release of the final stable release, and this should be released in the second half of 2019, support for Win32-based games and programs will be displayed. Microsoft will introduce and release this new operating system in the first half of May, but initially it will be available as a trial version, but everyone will be able to participate in the test. For its partners, the corporation has already launched a new operating system, giving them the receipt of the first evaluations.

Earlier, it became known that the main feature of the Lite operating system, the replacement of Windows 10, shocked everyone.

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