Decentralized Exchange Binance has announced support for hardware portfolios


A decentralized Binance DEX exchange, which is about to be launched, will support hardware portfolios from the first day of operation.

This was the head of the company Changpeng Zhao on Sunday wrote on Twitter.

Noting that Binance DEX is being actively developed, it also emphasized that the use of hardware portfolios will help users make sure they have full control over their private keys.

Changphen Zhao did not specify which models and which manufacturers will support Binance DEX, but the image he posted shows Ledger Nano S

Previously, it was reported that the launch of Binance DEX will take place in early 2019. The platform will provide users with the opportunity to exchange their own BNK exchange tokens and other currencies.

In early December 2018, Binance published the second video demonstrating the capabilities of the platform. In particular, a complete trading interface, the account creation process, and a browser from the company's own block Binain Chain were shown.

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