Debate on the live broadcast of Olympic April 19


On Friday, April 19, the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and comedian Vladimir Zelensky should meet in a debate at the Olympic Stadium.

On Friday, April 19, at 19:00 hours from Kiev, there will be a debate between presidential candidates Petro Poroshenko and Volodymyr Zelensky.

Already on April 21, the Ukrainians will vote in the second round of presidential elections.

Contact Us Online will follow the debate Poroshenko and Zelensky at the NSK Olympic stadium in Kiev.



19:52 The final word Poroshenko. The president pays tribute to Zelensky's career. And he says that once again he has not heard anything about Zelensky's strategy. Poroshenko accuses Ze for spreading lies.

19:51 Zelensky promises to come and break the system.

19:49 Final word Starts Zelensky. Thank you Poroshenko for all the achievements, but wonders – why the President attributed all the achievements to himself personally. Bezviz – merit and diplomats, the army – deserves volunteers, veterans, people, Tomos – Filaret.

19:48 Yes, of course, there are few meanings, just slogans.

19:47 Zelensky asks if Poroshenko is ashamed? Poroshenko says – no.

19:43 Zelensky emphasizes that he never spoke to Kadyrov. About the fact that he promised to kneel – also not true. In the end, Zelensky declared that he was ready to kneel in front of all those who fought. And he knelt on the stage. Poroshenko knelt in front of the widow of the soldier who came with him.

19:42 Poroshenko asks when Zelensky apologizes to the Ukrainians for calling names, as he apologized to Kadyrov?

19:40 Poroshenko continues to talk about the wrapper and promises to protect the country.

19:38 Injured on TV channels responding to Zelensky – says Channel 5 is fair, and 1 + 1 is not.

19:37 Zelensky spravivaet Poroshenko, if he is arrested, will believe that this is revenge and political persecution.

19:35 Zelensky says that all the channels in Ukriane belong to the oligarchs. The president can not be an oligarch, but he must be a man of the people.

19:32 Zelensky started to be rude, Poroshenko squirmed, said he was not in the prosecutor's office, but Poroshenko could reach him. Ukraine made its European choice, Zelensky said. Everyone who violates the law will be arrested, Zelensky said.

19:31 Poroshenko asked where Zelensky sees Ukraine in 5 years.

19:29 Now Poroshenko recalled a friend and business associate of Zelensky-Kolomoisky. Again Poroyshkno called Zelensky a brilliant casing – within the ministers Azarov, Kolomoisky, the Russians and so on.

19:28 On the severed hands – Poroshenko said he was not a judge, not the executioner. According to the president, all his friends, if they are suspects, will be arrested.

19:25 The question of Zelensky is now – there is more "a flow of consciousness" about Roshen's sweets and so on. A funny question is why Poroshenko's friends have two hands.

19:23 Zelensky says that he is not his opponent, but his sentence. The comedian says he did not hide from the agendas, he was not in Russia, he did not speak to Putin.

19:22 Poroshenko asks a question to Zelensky – about competence. He would trust that the surgeon is not a pro. Something like.

19:20 Of course, as there was no doubt, Poroshenko commented on everything he could hear. The president says he has done more in the last 4 years than in the previous 20 years.

19:19 Poroshenko took up the issue of the army. And it explains who is to blame for Ilovaisk, Debaltsevo and so on – Russia is to blame. Now says Poroshenko on the fight against poverty. He remembers that he accepted the country in 2014 without money, without funds in treasury accounts. And Zelensky now offended the country with jokes, the president said.

19:18 Poroshenko says, well, here is incompetence, because he answered each of these questions many times.

19:16 Now questions will be asked. Zelensky read questions in Russian. There are many questions about sailors, about the Carpathian forests, and about Yanukovych, how much Poroshenko brought to Rotterdam +, why they did not remove immunity. Zelensky says – choose any question and answer.

19:15 In the end, the president called Zelensky from a regional bursary.

19:14 Poroshenko calls Zelensky beautiful package, where everyone can find something for themselves.

19:13 Zelensky said that Poroshenko was hiding from the call of the recruiting office. And Putin's going to hide as well?

19:12 Poroshenko talks about foreign calls, about international calls. As Zelensky will do this, the current president is wondering?

19:11 The president begins by saying that Zelensky was running away from him all the time and did not tell him what he would do.

19:10 Tper speaks hurt. Zelensky devoted all his speech to the president, not to himself.

19:09 Zelensky remembers Poroshenko by inviting him to the bench. And it ends with the words, "Why are you all going there?"

19:08 Zelensky considers himself a simple man and the result of Poroshenko's mistakes.

19:07 Zelensky expressed many controversial things. He says the president would have freed Nasirov.

19:05 Zelensky Poroshenko criticizes, he booed. It is very difficult to run Ze. He says there are two Poroshenko – one, a good speaker, the second – constantly cheating. Every word is booed.

19:04 Zelensky said that in 2014 he voted for Poroshenko, but now he realized that he was wrong. Poroshenko's supporters shout "Ganba".

19:03 Zelensky's performance begins. It starts with a joke, says it feels like Vakarchuk. And he's a simple guy.

19:02 Poroshenko and Zelensky shook hands. Ze tried to play: "Let's applaud those who were brought by bus."

19:01 The rules have already been broken. Poroshenko decided not to stay in two stages.

19:00 Poroshenko left his scene and went to Zelensky. Unexpectedly

18:57 The currency fell for Zelensky's debate to begin. And now the hymn!

18:56 Now there will be a draw. Poroshenko's fans, of course, are much more. They sing the president's name constantly.

18:55 There are clear regulations. Time is limited. We started with speeches for 5 minutes.

18:54 The presenters speak, Froliak spoke emotionally about the importance of the elections, and Kulikov talks about the rules.

18:53 It all starts – moderators Froliak and Kulikov left.

18:52 It seems strange. Poroshenko is already on stage, and on the other side is still singing Machete.

18:50 With Poroshenko came deputies and ministers.

18:48 Petro Poroshenko and his wife arrived at the stadium. Greet your fans. The perimeter president passed the whole fan zone.

18:45 There are a lot of police at the stadium, the police, the SBU, everything is in place.

18:40 20 minutes before the start of the debate! The stadium is not yet full.

18:30 The situation in the stadium is calm and pleasant.

18:23 Here is the parking lot near the Olympic.

18:20 Machete appears on Zelensky's stage.

18:10 So far, there are far more people in the Poroshenko fan zone than in the Zelensky fan zone.

18:05 Now the musicians are arguing who will sing. Of Zelensky is Viktor Pavlik, of Poroshenko – Lament Єremії.

18:00 Of course, the presence of two scenes in the stadium at the same time seems very old. In other words, will each presidential candidate present himself at his own stage?

17:40 At the stadium itself, the band KOZAK SYSTEM is the musical support of Petro Poroshenko.

17:35 Scenes in the Olympic, by the way, are the same. Without any symbolism.

Left Poroshenko scene, right – Zelensky. In the midst of law enforcement.

17:30 Even Putin is waiting. Debates of the presidential candidates in Ukraine will try to record and transfer to the head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, told the press secretary of the president of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters.

A Kremlin spokesman added that he still does not know if Putin will follow that debate on Friday.

"I do not have any information on this, we will have to look at the site, but my colleagues have not yet recommended the site. "Let's include all of this in our summaries," Peskov said.

17:20 What is happening now in the stadium:

17:00 Spectators began to leave the Olympic. To get to the stadium, you need to pass two police lines. In the first, the personal belongings of citizens are examined, in the second they check the tickets. They, by the way, need to print. In the stadium there is a concert.

16:40 Media writes that buses of passengers without special insignia have accumulated in Naberezhnoye shosse in Kiev.

At the entrance of Kiev there is a difficult transportation situation. Deputy Interior Minister Sergei Yarovoy urged drivers to deal with the situation with understanding.

4:10 Espillne published the full TV talk show at Olympic. The order of occurrence of events in the air of the UA channel: First looks like this:

  • 19:00 Start broadcasting from the stadium. Presenters: Andrei Kulikov (from Poroshenko) and Elena Frolyak (from Zelensky).

The debate will begin with a five-minute speech from each of the candidates. Then Poroshenko and Zelensky will answer three questions from the opposing moderator. Five minutes are allocated for each response.

There will also be three artists from the candidates who will perform in shifts while the stadium is full of spectators.

  • 20:00 Start of transmission of Slepilnogo studio. Presenters: Miroslava Barchuk and Pavel Kazarin. The studio will be journalists, experts, publishers of publications. Guest – the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Andrei Paruby.

They will share their impressions of the events at Olympic. Topics for discussion include: what will happen after the presidential election, who is interested in early parliamentary elections, the prospects for laws on language and impeachment.

There will also be a "dynamic conversation" in countdown format: 30 seconds per question and one minute to respond.

  • 21:00 The beginning of the national debate in the studio. They last for an hour. The moderator will be Mirosloava Barchuk (only one moderator is provided by law).

If both candidates come, there will be a classic discussion format. But Zelensky still is not sure that he will come to the TV channel. If there is only Poroshenko, he will be asked instead of the agitation provided by law in case of refusal of the second participant to answer questions from community activists and leaders of public opinion.

  • 22:20 His colleague Kazarin joins Barchuk and, if the candidates agree to stay in the studio until midnight (they invited the two), the conversation continues in a "dynamic and difficult format" of questions and answers.

15:40 In the center of Kiev, traffic is blocked, the carriageway of the central street of the capital is full of people who are moving with the flags of Ukraine in the direction of the stadium.

15:30 Youth and Sports Minister Igor Zhdanov has announced the availability of the Olympic NSC to hold debates among presidential candidates in Ukraine.

15:00 Meanwhile, in the Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev, the action Protect Ukraine is taking place! in support of the current president of Petro Poroshenko as presidential candidate.

2:30 p.m. The Olympic metro station, the Sports Palace and Leo Tolstoy are completely closed. And in and out.

14:00 There will actually be two scenes. They already installed, test the sound.

The field grass cover was closed with a special coating, as is done during public events.

13:30 How are you preparing for the debate?

1 PM The presenter of the debate will be the representative of the channel ICTV Elena Froliak. She, by the way, is her birthday today.

12:00 p.m. The Olympic pass will start at 4:00 p.m., you need to have documents with you and be ready to check things out.

Admission to the fan zone will be blocked 10 minutes before the start of the debate.

Citizens are expected to receive several checks: metal frames with portable metal detectors on the approach of the Olympic, as well as check-in in the stadium area.

Candidate team Vladimir Zelensky told the Telegram that debate visitors need to print their e-ticket.

"The rules are the same for all visitors: the ticket must be printed, the system does not consider it in electronic format," the message says.

It is also noted that it is impossible to go beyond the checkpoints until the end of the debate and it is necessary to adhere to the rules of conduct established by the organizers.

"If you breach the established procedure, you will be forced to leave the event. Attending an event while intoxicated is strictly prohibited," Zelensky recalled.

It is strictly forbidden to bring to the event: a camera, a camera, weapons, flammable substances, narcotic drugs, alcoholic beverages, water and other beverages, pets. Please do not come with children.

11:30 The Ukrainian debates will be broadcast in more than 20 countries. So do not miss it. On Contact Us everything show, tell everything

11am Suprun Tips for Presidential Candidates

Acting The head of the Ministry of Health recommends that presidential candidates calm down before the debate, try to overcome the fear, but not with the help of alcohol.

To overcome the fear, Suprun proposes to imagine that all the people who look at the candidates, have just woke up in pajamas.

"Everything is drowsy, sloppy and you have the clarity so fresh in your head, now you're going to tell it." "Nothing bad will happen to you – notice that. Ministry of Health.

She also advises finding a point of eye contact with people.

10:20 What is known about the format of the debate:

– The debate will last for one hour until 20:00.

– there will be two scenes;

– they will start taking people to the stadium from 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. – maybe before the debates and then the Ukrainian artist shows will be held;

– who will lead the debate is still unclear;

– Zelensky's team distributed free tickets to the event, Poroshenko's team registered them in the lists. The president is also organizing a rally of fans from the regions to the capital.

10:15 What Zelensky says about the debate:

"In the debate, let's just see two people.After what has been done in these five years, I think I can be completely silent.And I need to win to give the country a chance.If I do not deal with this chance, I'll take it. "

10:00 am Because of the debate Poroshenko and Zelensky in central Kiev today will be limited to the movement from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. In addition, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., the Olympic subway station, Lev Tolstoy Square and the Sports Palace will change into a special mode of operation.

Around the debate broke out the most acute confrontation for the entire electoral campaign.

Immediately after the first round of elections, Petro Poroshenko summoned Vladimir Zelensky to take part in the debate, and he did not seem to care.

Later, Zelensky recorded a video in which he called Poroshenko to discuss the stadium.

Poroshenko said: the stadium, then the stadium.

More presidential candidates were tested before the debate, but everyone did it their way. Zelensky refused to examine the international anti-doping organization WADA, and Poroshenko passed by them.

The current president called Zelensky to the Olympic debate on April 14. The showman did not come, and Poroshenko talked to journalists and their supporters.

I prishov, you're dumb. Underdevelopment April 14

April 19 Poroshenko is going to the debate on public television, as spelled out in law.

Zelensky is sure that the law does not have a clear rule that the debate on April 19 must take place in a television studio. Therefore, waiting for Poroshenko in the Olympic Stadium.


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