Crime is on the verge of a new ecological catastrophe – environmental news


The situation described by the expert can lead to an outbreak of mass disease of the population in the occupied Crimea.

Crimea threatened by new disaster / photo UNIAN

Crimea threatened by new disaster / photo UNIAN

According to the experts, there is a high probability of a marked deterioration of the ecological situation in the Crimea occupied by the Russians. In particular, in the Kerch area.

This is due to the dismantling of commercial construction companies controlled by the Russian Federation, the storage of metallurgical waste accumulated as a result of the work of the Kamysh-Burunsky iron ore plant in the context of the mining loose building materials, Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance group writes on its Facebook page.

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He said that the Lower Cherbush and Upper Cherbush metallurgical waste deposits, created at the site of the Crimean lakes, are hydraulic structures that contain toxic substances in the form of fine particles. The content of phosphorus, chromium, vanadium and arsenic in them exceeds the permissible limit concentration by 30 to 150 times, depending on the sampling site.

"At the same time, accumulated reserves of bulk waste are currently used as an additive in the manufacture of cement and construction sand. This situation can lead to a mass disease outbreak of the population and also threatens flora and fauna to hundreds of kilometers from the repositories spreading toxic substances into the sea water.the Black Sea coast ", – said the expert.

REFERENCE The Burunsky reed iron ore mill is currently a closed venture for the extraction, enrichment and agglomeration of iron ores (including arsenic, phosphorus, etc.) in the Kerch district, previously produced agglomerate of cast iron ore and fluxed limestone. Includes 3 iron ore and 1 limestone quarry, crushing and processing plant and sintering plant, other objects.

Earlier, a senior researcher at the Institute of Water Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a hydrogeological mining engineer Yuri Medovar warned that in May, drinking water could end up in Crimea captured by the Russian Federation.

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