Citigoe iV and Superb iV. Škoda showed two new models


The Czech automobile company Skoda presented the first two models of the range of electric cars. About this, writes 3Dnews.

The first two representatives of the new range of electric car models were the Citigoe iV with an electric motor and the Superb iV with a hybrid plug-in engine.

The Citigoe iV, whose retail value is expected to be in the $ 20,000 range, is a compact four-seater city that runs on a 61 kW electric motor. On the equipment, the battery is 36.8 kWh, thanks to which the power reserve of the electric car is 265 km.

The electric car is very compact: the length of the car is 3597 mm and the width is 1645 mm, while the trunk volume is 250 liters (adding seats can be increased to 923 liters).

The superb iV has a 1.4-liter petrol engine with a capacity of 156 liters. s., which is complemented by a 115-liter power plant. W. The combined system allows you to get power in 218 liters. with., and torque reaches 400 N · m. The electric motor can surpass 55 km with a load, while the use of a standard engine increases the range of up to 850 km.

The design has a 13 kWh battery. The car is in compliance with the Euro 6d TEMP standards, since in the combined mode the emission of carbon dioxide is only 40 g / km.


Recall, Skoda refused to build a factory in Ukraine.

We also wrote that Ilon Mask called the date on which he will show the new electric cross model of the Y model.

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