Friday , April 23 2021

Carlex Design tuning studio developed a Ford Focus RS "loaded"

This adjustment project was unanimously recognized as one of the most interesting improvements in the popular Ford Focus RS sport hatchback.

The Carlex Design masters have added the necessary enhancements to the exterior of the cabin to the aggressive body kit and the car's extremely productive engine so that the interior of the hatch can be loaded. The model received many elements of high quality genuine leather. Expensive material is everywhere: from the shift lever and the parking brake to the center tunnel. Leather finish is on the chairs and door panels, and for the latter used a different type of upholstery – due to the complexity of sewing. The steering wheel is also equipped with a perforated leather sheath with yellow accents, giving the car a sporty look.

It is worth mentioning that in the engine compartment of the Ford Focus RS tuned is a turbo unit of 350 horsepower. Carlex Design's "loaded" hatchback also attracted attention because it was released in a single exclusive copy by the special order of the buyer who wished to remain anonymous. In the studio tuning said that this model will not receive wide distribution.

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