Buick Encore and Encore GX crossovers are completely downgraded – Autoreview


So far, under the name of Buick Encore, the twin brother of the well-known Opel Mokka was hiding: the American brand of these cars is used in America and China. But now their paths have diverged: the future Mokka of the second generation will pass to the PSA concerns platform, although it will have to wait at least another six months. But the new Buick Encore debuted in April and is ready to enter the Chinese market, and the Buick Encore GX's older brother will now cover it.

Buick Encore

Both SUVs are built on General Motors' new modular BXX (also known as VSS-S) platform, which will later form the basis of many compact models under different brands. New crossovers are unified according to the technique and the design left a Mocky brand! The rear semi-suspension has an expertly curved cross, which allows you to jump the propeller shaft underneath it. However, the four-wheel drive only depends on the older model with the GX prefix.

Buick Encore

The base Buick Encore almost kept the size of its predecessor (ie, Mocha). The length grew only 17 mm (up to 4295 mm) and the width – 18 mm (up to 1798 mm), while the SUV became 30 mm lower (1616 mm). The wheelbase is increased slightly: from 2555 to 2570 mm.

The crossover is equipped with a relatively poor: climate control – single zone seats – with combined upholstery and mechanical adjustments, only analog devices and the camera just behind. However, there is an eight-inch media system and a panoramic roof. The trunk became smaller than the previous model: a maximum of 1291 liters instead of 1372 (with the rear seats folded).

Buick Encore

In the arsenal, only the turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engines, 1.0 (116 hp) and 1.3 l (158 hp), work in conjunction with the CVT.

Buick Encore GX

The old Buick Encore GX is not just an extended version of the basic model. It has an original body with a different design, even the doors are different, and there are no additional windows in the pillars of the rear ceiling. The increase in size is significant: length – 4463 mm, width – 1813 mm, height – 1653 mm. The wheelbase has extended to 2640 mm and the trunk has a capacity of 1415 liters.

Buick Encore GX

The interior is also decorated in its own way. For example, the same eight-inch screen of the media system here is inscribed on the front panel and does not stay above it. The set of options is richer: there are electric front seats, leather interior and fifth door servo drive. But surprisingly, in the back row there is no central vent, which the small Buick Encore boasts.

The GX model is only equipped with a 1.3 turbo engine, whose power is increased to 165 hp. At the same time, the front-wheel drive version has a drive, and the classic "nine-speed" automatic is tuned for machines with rear axle coupling.

The SAIC GM joint venture has already started production of new crossovers, they will appear in the Chinese market in mid-July. A larger Buick Encore GX has already been confirmed for the US market: deliveries will only begin in 2020, but American customers will be offered an even larger list of options.


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