Britney Spears fell in a psychiatric hospital: "against will." Politeka


This conclusion was made by fans of the star when they saw the mysterious post of mother Britney Spears

The 37-year-old American singer arrived at a psychiatric clinic earlier this month, reportedly due to severe stress. Fans suspect she's being held there by force.

Spears fans suspected that something was wrong when they paid attention to the posts and they like that the celebrity's mother, Lynn, has been on the social network. Thus she published an ambiguous post, which read: "When the Lord's soldiers kneel, the battle does not end, but it begins."

Britney Spears

She also added, "That's Faith!"

Then the mother of the star liked those records of users claiming that Britney was being held in a certain place by force.

"Give Britney your freedom, your voice, your life!", "I really hope you support Britney in trying to get out of custody. I really hope your ex-spouse does not keep sick where your daughter is against her will, "Lynn Spears liked such messages.

Note that the father of the star Jamie Spears has been its official guardian for more than 10 years. For example, he can independently manage all his daughter's finances.

However, recently it became known that Britney's father had a serious illness. And precisely because of the fact that Britney was very worried about her father's health and forced her to go to a psychiatric clinic.

As previously reported, the famous secular columnist Rob Shooter told the sensational news. He said that pop singer Britney Spears leaves the stage forever. In this case, Britney does not have to worry about money. She has earned enough for her singing career.

"Now she's in search of what can not be bought – happiness," wrote the Shooter in the social network.

Britney Spears

It is reported that Spears has decided to leave show business due to her father's serious illness and professional exhaustion.

In addition, it has long been no secret to anyone that Britney has had mental health problems, which is why she frequently visits a psychotherapist. This and the need for restoration also caused the departure of the scene.

Remember, Britney Spears has finally shown her body without photoshop, fans are surprised.

As reported by Politeka, Britney Spears has captured the hearts of fans with a new talent.

Also Politeka wrote that the fans were delighted: Britney Spears showed an incredible figure.


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