Boeing joined in an attempt to launch the first supersonic executive jet


Boeing announced a partnership with Aerion and "substantial investments" in the Aerion AS2 supersonic executive jet project.

The giant will offer its resources in the design, production and testing for the Aerion AS2. No other details about the partnership are disclosed. Previously, Aerion collaborated with Lockheed Martin, but the alliance broke up for unidentified reasons.

The AS2 is a 12-seat executive aircraft whose main "chip" is a speed of about 1600 km / h. This is 70% faster than the current devices. It was introduced to the public in 2014, and four years later it was shown the engine.

If all goes according to plan, AS2 will enter field trials in 2023 and, by 2025, will begin to function fully, according to a Boeing press release. This will make it the world's first supersonic commercial jet.

The aviation industry refused to complete the operation of supersonic passenger aircraft in 2003, since no one entered the market. The industry for 15 years has advanced and allows you to create a more economical, safe and technically advanced air transport.

Boeing's experience of engineers and money will help Aerion AS2 move forward in production. The giant himself continued to pay attention to supersonic solutions, even showing his own view of such an aircraft.


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