Saturday , October 23 2021

"Bitcoin to be replaced by new technology" |


Well-known venture capitalist Jason Calacanis (Jason Calacanis), who was one of the first investors at Uber, believes the bitcoin is outdated, and his rate may fall to zero.

"My position remains unchanged. Bitcoin is likely to be replaced by new technology. And the bitcoin course is being manipulated. Maybe it shows growth, but not necessarily. Invest in bitcoin as much as you can lose. For most, this is 1-5% of the portfolio. Bitcoin will fall to $ 0- $ 500 ", – wrote Calacanis on Twitter.

Note that bitcoin is the first successful encryption, and the technology behind its blockchain is actually a bit outdated. However, this does not mean that the new platforms will be able to replace it, since the value of Bitcoin is not in the advantages of its technology, but in the security, reliability and greater acceptance among the companies.

In addition, many investors consider bitcoin "digital gold" because of some similarities to this traditional asset. According to BlockTower Capital researchers, within 10 years, the first crypto-currency's volatility will reach the level of gold volatility.

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