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"Bezus Christ" Roman first debuted, led Gent to the Cup final and ripped the Belgian media, and the Ukrainian helped

Roman Bezus lit his first full match for Ghent, where he also played Noman Yaremchuk and Igor Plastun. The former Dynamo player with two goals brought his new club to the Belgian Cup final of 2018/19.

For the first time since leaving Ghent's base, Bezus led Yaremchuk and company for overtime, marking his head. and then I realized the decisive penalty. Legally, with a smile, though not without luck – goalkeeper Oostende was able to hold the ball with his foot. Former star Vorskla, Dynamo and Dnieper in recent positive surprises. This becomes the master of the rough work, so he scores the second floor as a true attacker. The hero of the Belgian Cup semifinal took the covers of the Belgian editions the following morning. He came, he saw, he won. It was a fantastic game in which the teams scored 51 for two and the most Ukrainian team in Belgium overcame their opponent for this component exactly 2 times (in exact even more shots – 21: 7 in favor of the guests).

Not Yarmolenko or Marlos and not even Malinovsky – our most dangerous player is not necessary for the Ukrainian team, and this is sad

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The 28-year-old Ukrainian looks more vividly on the cover of the Nieuwsblad. The publication beats his surname with Jesus Christ, insinuating the chief savior of Ghent: Bezus Christus. Zakibak Sakala was on the pitch for about 39 seconds, when he scored the second goal of Ostend. Zivkovic, whom the Dynamo wanted, ruined two chances of life, while for Gent only Bezus had a real chance – he attacked Duthoit. On penalties, Kaminsky won the match. Goalkeeper Ghent has defended 3 penalties.

Bezus needed luck, but his blow gave Gent a football heaven. "Buffaloes" for the first time since 2010 reached the final of the Cup of Belgium. The team can take their first trophy in 4 years, and coach Torup may feel like a demigod on May 1 if he wins. Nieuwsblad also notes that Plastun played despite being removed in the quarterfinals. The reason is that the punishment has not yet come into force, but Igor runs the risk of losing the final match against Mechelen.

Voetbalkrant calls the Gent game of 3 central defenders the main surprise, among them Plastun. Igor, by the way, changed before the break. The team of 3 Ukrainians burned 0: 2 and it was necessary to score at least twice in order to wait at least overtime. Danish coach Torup surprised everyone. In addition to Bezus, four more players arrived on the pitch and rested on the pitch at Kortrijk. Oostende scored a goal from the first of his 3 corners. Ghent was 17, but significantly less efficiency – the issue is that Bezus, which, however, scored in time compensated. Throughout the second half, it seemed like the hosts would stand, but the wacky ending changed everything.

The fighting hero admitted he was not on the penalty list. Gent identified only 5 core, and then, according to Bezus, "some guys came to ask me if I wanted to win. I took responsibility and I was lucky, the goalkeeper still knows me from St. Truiden, so it was not easy." . By the way, in the post-match video, the Ukrainian looked and talked about his surprisingly modest merits – as if Bi had not pulled his team along with the goalkeeper to the final.

Bloody dispute on the way to the final of the Belgian Cup. The HLN spared no epithets. Ghent won the right to play Eisel, but it was worth the blood, the sweat and the tears. Last week's thriller had its sequel. At stake was the chance to compete for a direct ticket to the Europa League.

Gent decided to play high. As a result, I gained a lot of bends, but for a long time I could not build anything that was worth it. After the forced replacement of Plastun Chakvetadze, who entered the field, created more threats. Bezus lost the goalkeeper's duel twice, but it was he who saved the team. In the overtime, Yaremchuk should have scored, but the goalkeeper helped again.

The Belgian media and the fans have not neglected to criticize Roman a bit. His punch was the execution of corners and free kicks – not at all. At the moment with the second goal of Ostend, he ran unsuccessfully stanart and then managed to get to the penalty area but failed to intercept the diagonal pass in a head jump. If you add unused one-on-one output to the goalkeeper, then … "In Ukraine, I would have been replaced a long time ago and three times," said the attacking midfielder, laughing. It is good that the mentor has enough patience.

Curiously, the club's sports director did not understand some of the coach's decisions. Voetbalprimeur quotes: "Why risk and play 3 defenders in such a game? We have already suffered because of this against Kortrijk.Please do this in less important games.Fortunately, Plastun was injured and we returned to the usual standard." Mentor Thorp did not hold his own and denied the obvious, as we sometimes see in our football: "The opponent used the space well. Hand in the heart, I would say that tactic 3-5-2 did not work for us today."

Now Bezus is preparing to play his first final in the starting lineup. Previously, he remained twice without a match in the decisive games of the Ukraine Cup. But as part of Dnipro left the 68 minutes in the lost end of the Europa League against Sevilla. If we consider that Roman scored 7 of his 8 penalties in his career, such a brave and responsible player on May 1 in Brussels should be helpful to Gent's mentor – a new post-match thriller can not be ruled out.

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