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Some men are born family men.

Astrologers are convinced that in order to understand how your chosen ones will be good husband and father, you can sign of the zodiac.

Some men are born family men, while others enjoy free life without burdens, reports.

ARIES is a good companion, lover and father. Become a protector of your family if you are happy at the wedding. Aries will be a good father to his children. With this father, children never get bored. It will surely start active events: skiing, hiking, fishing. When the children grow up, they will definitely be able to say, "I had a wonderful childhood."

TAURUS by character is a faithful husband and a wonderful host. He does not tolerate shouting and fights and is quite patient and flexible. He appreciates simplicity. He will not forgive the betrayal. At the same time, Taurus will become a kind father and will not be bored and will scream for mischief. Being a workaholic by nature, early on instills in children the skills of job education and healthy career ambitions.

Gemini is a man of humor. He loves diversity, but when he has children, he becomes responsible and tries to give the child the right education: healthy eating, physical and intellectual development, cultural education. This father encourages curiosity and rejoices with the intelligence of the little ones. Growing children constantly raise the level of demands, sometimes making them unattainable.

CANCER makes many demands on his sweetheart, but he is a good man of family. He becomes a wonderful father and treats the babies beautifully. Cancer can be very passionate about the education process. In a more mature age, conflicts with children can occur on this basis, because very few people will like it when their freedom is limited by a rigid structure.

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