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Barcelona beat Levante with confidence and reached the 1/4 final of the Spanish Cup –

Usman Dembele's double and Lionel Messi's goal brought the Catalans a passage to the quarterfinals of the national cup (3: 0).

the joy of Barcelona players,

the joy of Barcelona players,
January 18, 2019 00:39

In the return leg of the Round of 16 of the Spanish Cup, the current winner of the Barcelona tournament received the Levante. At the first meeting, the "frogs" scored a minimum victory in their field, so now the Catalans definitely had to win, so Alba and Messi returned to the main team, and L. Suarez began the match at the bench. "Blue Garnet" took the ball under control immediately after the initial whistle, but for a long time could not open the defense of the opponent, leaving Fernandez out of work. For the first time, the goalkeeper had to work after a direct attack from Messi with a penalty kick – Aitor turned the ball into the corner.

Over time, the guests stopped as easily to deal with the pressure of the opponent, in connection with what began to emerge dangerous moments, Messi had a good opportunity to score, who burst into the area and shot in the next corner, but this Fernandez saved his team. A little later, Barca still took the lead, scoring two goals in a minute, in both cases, Dembele stood out – first Kabaco when you try to catch the ball hit Usman's leg, from where the ball flew out of the goal – 1-0, and already in the next attack, Dembele easily discovered Fernandez after Messi pass – 2-0.

After the second goal, Levante took the ball under control, with the intention of reducing the backlog quickly but only possessed the ball for a short period, Valverde's wings quickly took the attack again, hoping to do away with an opponent, Barcelona created a few more dangerous moments but before leaving she failed to score at halftime – Messi failed to beat Fernandez on the melee, Dembele did not notice one by one, and then the frog keeper fouled Coutinho and Messi in an attack. Thus, the teams went to rest with the advantage of the Catalans in two goals, which took them to the quarterfinals.

After the resumption of the game, what was happening on the field did not change, Blaugranas continued to press the penalty area of ​​another person and quickly scored another goal, but was not counted correctly due to impediment. However, the third goal did not take long to wait – at 54 minutes, Messi received a pass from Semedo, came close to Fernandez and pushed the ball out of the goalkeeper – 3: 0. This account did not stop Barcelona, Who continued to reside in a strange half of the field with a great force. According to the design of the game, it was clear that the train going to the quarterfinals would not take the Levante, Barca's advantage was simply indecent .

Wards Valverde tried desperately to score again, Dembele had a good opportunity to take a hat-trick, in one of the episodes Usman received a pass from Messi and took the ball to the far corner, but the ball whistled after his shot. The most prominent figure at the end of the match was Luis Suarez, who threatened Fernández's goal several times but did not score as the guests were lucky – Suarez seemed to be sure but the ball was not in the net, having hit Coca- Paste. In time compensated, Valencia almost otkvitali a goal, but this was not meant to happen – the bar took the ball after hitting Boateng in the fall. Thus, Barcelona won a "dry" victory over the Levante in the return match, which allowed the "blue grenade" to reach the quarterfinals.

Barcelona – Lift 3: 0 (first game – 1: 2)
Goals: Dembele, 30, 31, Messi, 54

Barcelona: Cillessen – Semedo, Murillo, Obstáculo, Alba (Roberto, 73) – Rakitic, Arthur, Vidal – Dembele (D. Suárez, 77), Messi, Coutinho (L. Suárez, 63)

Raise: Fernandez – Robert, Postigo (Hasson, 71), Kabako – Koke Andujar, Campagna (Dukure, 68), Pric, Simon – Bardi – Mayor (Dwamin, 61), Boateng

Notices: Rakitic, Murillo – Postigo, Kabako, Prcic, Robert

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