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In the program "Fashionable sentence", artist Nadezhda Babkina commented on her relationship with singer Yevgeny Gore. Some fans found his words humiliating.

The theme of the upcoming release of the show "fashion statement" was mesalliance. Heroes came to the transfer to change clothes 21-year-old girl. Her chosen 42-year-old explained that they often leave, but the girl looks very young, even childish. The presenter, Alexander Vasilyev, replied: "There is more abruptly! It is Nadezhda that I had. There used to be a difference, but now it is already imperceptible."

Her co-host Nadezhda Babkina has corrected the fashion historian, noting she is still happy with singer Yevgeny Gore, who is 30 years younger. And then she added, "Now there's no difference. He's become an old man and I'm younger!" Judging by the comments, not all fans liked Babkina's phrase. Many considered it humiliating for Gore.

However, over the 16 years of marriage with the singer, Eugene has really changed a lot – noticeably gray and reddish. New songs by the 39-year-old artist are not heard. However, lovers seem happy, and the fact that the relationship is not decorated, they are not confused. On the contrary, the opposite.

Recently, Nadezhda Babkina told why she will not marry Yevgeny Gore. "Many people say that the notorious seal does not change anything, but it seems that it makes significant corrections in people's lives. this respect, I feel like an absolutely free bird, "explained Nadezhda Babkina.


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