At the Dnieper, owners of electric vehicles came to protest


Dnipro owners of electric cars held a rally against the Verkhovna Rada's decision not to extend the effect of privileges for electric cars, reports 056.

About three dozen drivers gathered to express their discontent. After a month and a half, the law of tax exemption and customs clearance of electric vehicles expires. Activists demand that the government does not abolish the benefits, as they contribute to the dissemination of electric vehicles among Ukrainians. Demonstrators point to the positive impact of such transport on the ecology of Ukraine and the Dnieper in particular, and also that the emergence of such vehicles contributes to technical progress and economic development.

"Our state does not have its own oil, we get all the oil products abroad, and this is real money, which would be very useful in the country.In addition, we have our own powerful energy "countries," – said one of the organizers of the rally, a member of the organization "Electro-Avtosam" Alex.

Action participants are urging authorities to extend the benefits by 2020 and to support amendments to bill 9260 on vehicles equipped with electric motors. According to owners of electricians, this time will be enough for Ukraine to adopt a comprehensive state policy in the development of electric transport.


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