ASUS leaves tablet market –


ASUS leaves tablet market

According to informed sources, ASUS has decided to discontinue the launch of tablets. This is quite surprising since the company has considered it to be one of the main players in the tablet market when it comes to devices with a relatively affordable price.

According to the information available, ASUS informed in the sales channels that it will not produce more tablets. The device ZN380KNL or ZenPad 8 was the last tablet launched by the company and apparently is already exhausted. Instead, ASUS will focus on the ZenFone series of ROG eSports smartphones and devices. Thus, consumers can expect the emergence of the second generation ROG Phone and ZenFone 6z in the near future.

It seems that the proliferation of big screen smartphones on the market has brought compact tablets out of the game. Apple's iPad still dominates, occupying most of the premium market segment. Top selling Android tablets are usually low priced models that are still sold in price sensitive markets.

Now there are not so many promising Android tablet makers on the market who can offer lower prices to attract customers. With ASUS out, we can expect Apple to strengthen its position in the tablet market. However, other Android tablet makers may occupy a vacant niche and expand their product range.

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