Ani Lorak intrigued admirers of a gentle photo with a Russian singer


Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who is going through a difficult time because of her husband's infidelity, moved to Russia and showed a photo pictured in the arms of Russian singer Sergei Lazarev.

She published the corresponding photo on Instagram.

"They say that friendship does not happen in show business and I say that it happens! I keep the promise, at your request – a photo with my dear friend, "Caroline wrote. However, artist fans do not believe in their friendship. In their opinion, singers are bound by love relationships.

Lazarev, on the other hand, also published a photo with Ani Lorak and left a laconic signature: "When words are not necessary …".

alesandra592 Friendship turns into love

dima848 Probable friendship?

nazarovaluda03 We are waiting for the wedding.

alexsandra_ros Anya, very beautiful photo! You and Sergei are incomparable. I do not know, about friendship … but a couple you are great

dadaev5196 Sex of friendship happens too !!!

irina_kapkanshikova Beautiful couple, advice and love

elgohary77 Then husband and wife .. I believe

ileva.alla This is Love

Fans do not believe in artist friendship

Sergey Lazarev shared a gentle photo with the singer

Previously, it was reported that the husband of Ani Lorak Murat Nalchadzhioglu was seen in one of the karaoke of Kiev in the arms of the party girl Yana Belyaeva. So rumors circulated around the network saying it was not the first time a businessman was cheating on his famous wife.

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