Sunday , June 20 2021

An old woman from The Hague gave the museum an unknown painting by Vincent Van Gogh

A possible unknown painting by Van Gogh was found and transferred to the Van Gogh house in the town of Drenthe. This was announced by the local TV channel RTV Drenthe.

A 92-year-old resident of The Hague gave a picture of the house where the artist lived for several months in 1883. On the screen depicts the bar of the room. According to experts, the style of the painting is very similar to that of Van Gogh, another proof of the artist's signature is the signature "Vincent" in the corner of the screen.


Over the years, the work suffered some damage, since it was family heirloom and was inherited.

According to the channel, establishing the authenticity of the image can take up to a year. During this time, the artwork will be stored in a safe, and your replica will be displayed.

Previously, it was reported that six paintings by the author of "The Cry" Munch had disappeared from a museum in Norway.

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