Alina Grosu abandoned her name


Alina Grosso does not exist anymore! So be aware. Now instead of her blonde in miniature with a short name from a Latin show – GROSY. Well, first appearance, then music, now a name. There is nothing more of the little bdzhilka. But there is a very trendy artist with a very prolific nightclub repertoire that collects millions of hits on YouTube. His latest Nike video clip in three weeks grossed 1.5 million views, and the notorious hit "I Want Low" for the year – 4.8 million. The other day, Alina posted the single WILD, in which she appears in a zayuzan, but an effective image of a Catholic nun. The change of the name of the concert was brought under the output of this composition.

"Alina Grosso is no longer!" – the singer declares aloud – "She remained in the movies, now in music, just GROSU."

So that there is no doubt of what kind of artist this is, the artist without pathos explains: "GROSU is a creative and brilliant person, in which charisma, intentionality, sincerity and at the same time the search for new facets within . Today GROSU is meek, but brave in the image of a nun, in the same that excites so strongly the subconscious of man and not only part of the population of planet Earth. "

As for the film, in which, to the joy of the parents, who gave the artist the name of Alina Grosu, that name remains. Recently, Alina came to Kiev to give voice to the new TV series "Secret Love" in which she plays one of the main roles. So if on the GROSU stage we do not understand when we see, after all, the artist's audience with that name is in another country, so Alinka Grosu, loved by many, will be shown to us on TV very soon.


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