Alexander Zinchenko has entered the top ten most expensive defenders in the world


Ukrainian footballer Manchester City player Alexander Zinchenko has entered the top ten of the world's most expensive left-backers under 23 according to the authoritative Transfermarkt. Reports the portal's Instagram page.

Zinchenko ranked 7th in the ranking, along with Real Sociedad's Theo, Sergio Regilon, and Villarreal's Alfonso Pedraza, which the website estimated at 15 million euros.

He was led by Valencia player José Gaia, who was estimated at 40 million euros.

So the top 10 most expensive on the left:

1. José Gaia, (Valencia) – 40 million euros

2. Ferlande Mende, (Lyon) – EUR 30 million

3. Alex Grimaldo, (Benfica) – 28 million euros

4. Ben Chillwell, (Leicester) – EUR 25 million

5. Luke Shaw, (Machester United) – € 23 million

6. Aaron Martin, (Mainz) – EUR 21 million

7. Theo (Sociedad), Sergio Regilon (Real Madrid), Alexander Zinchenko (City of Man), Alfonso Pedraza (Villarreal) – all 15 million euros


Recall that Zinchenko returned to the general group before the second leg of the Champions League final.

Manchester City also dedicated the video to Zinchenko as the best player in February.

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