A "defeminized" version of "The Avengers: Final" appeared on the web | News


The famous "chauvinist montage" reached the "Avengers: Final". A pirated version of the image appeared on the Web, from which an unknown author cut scenes with the active participation of female characters, as well as all the suggestions of the "gay scene" – he considered the episodes in which the men embrace.

Under the knife were all the scenes in which Captain Marvel appears, – she just is not in the picture. Removed the initial scene in which Hawkeye teaches his daughter to shoot a bow. The author comments on this decision as follows: "Girls should learn to be good wives and mothers and leave battles for men." The role of the Black Panther is minimized ("It does not play an important role there"). There are no scenes with the rescue of Spider-Man by a super-heroine squadron ("No need"). And yes, all the hugs of men are also cut off.

Earlier, a certain enthusiast in a similar way rewrote the eighth episode of Star Wars – cut scenes from the film with the active participation of women, as well as all the moments in which Leia relates Poe Dameron. In addition, the author for some reason cut a scene with green milk.