Thursday , February 25 2021

Zamalek in solidarity with Al-Sheikh: Or Ahli to run his players or we will not play after the stars

Zamalek announced his solidarity with Turki Al-Sheikh, owner of the Pyramids, in his claim to Ahli for all games postponed to him in the Premier League and the Egyptian Cup.

"After the match between Zamalek and the stars, our request will be clear," Zamalek said on his official website. "Ahli will play all his games postponed in the championship and the Egypt Cup, otherwise it will be a mess."

"We have a double standard and why does not the Ahli play in the first round, despite our arrival in the second round?" Ahli plays pyramids in the cup and faces us and plays all his matches.

"We're not playing any games before the Al-Nujoom game before Al-Ahli is playing."

On February 9, the Football Federation has set a date for Zamalek against the stars, the next meeting will be on the 17th of the same month, Al Ahly will have four league games and a cup in front of the Pyramids.

According to the schedule announced, the period announced by Zamalek will not see Ahli's only match against Anby on February 5.

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