What is the secret of wearing a short dress "Megan Marquel" during pregnancy?!


Megan Markle appeared in a short dress during her royal visit To New Zealand with Prince Harry, which sparked the controversy of all.

In the spring of 2019, Kingston Palace receives a new son, after being confirmed carrying "Megan" Before beginning his tour with Prince Harry, which lasts for 16 days in the Pacific Ocean.

Although Megan's pregnancy is not yet clear, her belly is still small, but the Duchess began to wear more fashion than her habit during her actual tours.

According to Cecil Reinhold, Kate Middleton's favorite brand during pregnancy, there is a certain reason why Megan is now selected for shorter dresses, just as Duchess of Sussex did when she was pregnant with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

According to specialist Renawd, deliberately showing the legs and arms of pregnancy is a "good trick" to balance the body of the pregnant woman, especially with the onset of the onset of her abdomen.

During her royal tour in New Zealand, Megan raised controversy over her wearing a short black dress, which many claimed permeated the royal tradition, but on the contrary.

The expert explained that there is a whole special team interested in the views of the Duchess of Sussex and their uniforms, which means that the royal palace is very concerned about what the Duchess uses, so there is no reduction of respect or violation of royal rules.


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