What happens to the body in stress


When we are subject to the psychological stresses and life problems that sometimes confront us, we have these negative emotions that lead us to the path of depression and pain as a result of the serious accumulation of problems and increased psychological pressure, and depend on the consequences of the reactions of the person, which vary from person to person. The psychological pressure to vent on oneself, and find effective gel to get rid of problems and pressures, while others face the feeling of sadness and aggravation of problems feel great helplessness and psychological and physical pain, but you asked what happens to the body when the psychological pressure, this is what we analyzed this together in this article.

Effect of psychological state on the human body
Effect of psychological state on the human body

What is psychological stress? Does it affect the body and the state of health?

Psychological stress is what a person feels when experiencing various crises and problems that may not find effective solutions in the current moment accumulating in their subconscious mind causing the feeling of pressure, and can be subjected to a single person a major shock affects the whole life , and more than subject psychological pressure is the negative person AND pessimists, who always look at things from the negative point of view.

And the body is certainly affected by mental and mental state, which is reflected in the negative, causing many health problems associated with chronic diseases, which can end a person's life if they do not try to overcome psychological pressure by all possible means, and the following is the report of the most stressful symptoms:

How does stress affect the body?

The feeling of stress and the high level of anxiety and tension resulting from the high level of adrenaline in the blood, which in turn causes many health problems, including:

What happens to the body when the voltage
What happens to the body when the voltage

Arterial hypertension

In an attempt to follow the body's adrenaline, the heart muscle works more vigorously for more blood flow, so that it fits into the general state during the emotions, causing high blood pressure.

Heart disease

The heart strives to work hard to keep pace with changes in the body's level of hormones and various enzymes, which affects heart safety causing many illnesses including angina and heart attacks.

Diseases of the digestive system

The body's response varies from person to person, and because of the high rate of change in the level of enzymes in the body, it greatly affects the stomach, causing gastric irritation, ulcers, infections and intestinal infections accompanied by intense pain.

Symptoms of acute psychological stress
Symptoms of acute psychological stress


One of the causes of diabetes is psychological stress, in which the body loses the ability to produce natural insulin, causing the rise in blood sugar.

Mental Disorders

Where some of the important centers in the brain due to stress and excessive pressure which results in memory impairment disorders, confusion and lack of focus, the person feels intellectual disability and sleep disorders are unavoidable, which affects the health of the body in general .


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