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A British mother asked her parents to take good care of them, after a kiss on the baby's mouth nearly killed her.

The incident occurred when she was near the girl, Kaila Merritt (year), kissing her mouth while the first was suffering from "cold sore", to deteriorate the child's state at an unexpected speed, according to "Newshub."

At first, the mother noticed several purple spots on the baby's skin as she washed her body while the baby's heart beat very fast.

It turns out that the mother panicked and thought that her daughter was suffering from meningitis, the disease she had suffered in the past and managed to recover.

As the pain in Kayla continued and she continued to cry non-stop, her parents immediately assisted her in a hospital in Darlington, near her home.

Doctors diagnosed the condition of the foreign baby and found that she had a severe skin disease called herpetic eczema, which is responsible for transmission among those infected.

The baby stayed for four days at the hospital under intensive medical care and supervision, while many antibiotics, ointments and medications were given until her health stabilized.

Doctors confirmed that the baby would have died without medical attention in a timely manner, while the hospital decided to issue a circular warning of similar incidents.

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