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Published: Friday, March 1, 2019 – 2: 3 | Last updated: Friday, March 1, 2019 – 2: 3

Artist Wafaa Amer spoke about her views on director Khaled Youssef and his relationship with him, especially when presenting many of the film works.

"Khaled Youssef is a creative director and I owe him a lot, and I'm ready to do any art work with him and for him," said Wafa Amer.

Wafa Amer confirmed that he had agreed to his "Karma" role for Khaled Youssef, although the role was smaller than that of Zina and Ghada Abdel Razek.

Wafa Amer said: "Director Khaled Youssef insisted that I present the lead role in the film" Kaf Al-Qamar "despite some objections. I fully trust him, and if he asked me to send a sentence in a work of art I would not hesitate to accept. "

The artist Wafaa Amer revealed the scenes of her deleted scene with Mohammad Ramadan, which included indecent insults from the series "Eagle of Upper Egypt", which was shown in the last Ramadan.

Wafa Amer said, "I reject this scene that brought me along with Mohammed Ramadan, and when I read it in the script, I wanted to sleep, not in my full focus, and I did not remember the scene well, and after I finished filming I went see her on the screen because the workers were tired and tired. Go home to rest. "

"I contacted Mohammed Ramadan and director Yasir Sami after I left the site and talked to them about the scene and they explained that they would see it and it would be deleted if they found it inappropriate, which actually happened and deleted the scene. "

Wafaa Amer, while invited to Arwa's Under Control program, said: "I was in this scene and wanted to reject it, but at the same time I do whatever the director wants."

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