Unique views of the stars on Ramadan 2019 programs


The first episodes of the various programs during the month of Ramadan featured interviews with well-known celebrities in the Arab world, showing several reliable views on the selection of Ramadan in 2019.

View of the sun in the man of the programs group

We started with the program "Human Group", which in its first episodes starred Kuwait Shams. She chose a dress embellished with the signature Dolce & Gabbana, with a pattern of tiger and red and green roses that covered completely. A small khakash decorated with a collar and below the dress, with sleeves and flaps. Shams added a broad belt in the color of her nyud to determine her waist better. As for jewelry, she chose long emerald earrings.

From an aesthetic point of view, the sun of the hairstyle was adopted with frontal fringes, while the makeup was thick and covered with earthy tones.

A successful vision adopted by the star of Kuwait Shams in the month of Ramadan, the dress was elegant, elegant and distinctive and was able to coordinate the Lok in its entirety. Hoping to see the sun in the other Lucas.

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