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Top 5 Foods For Weight Loss


Weight loss is a major concern for many, especially with the prevalence of blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

Nutritionists have identified some foods that greatly help the diet.

Olive oil

It is considered monounsaturated fat, which makes it a healthy oil. Research suggests that olive oil contains substances that help the gut send signals to the brain to feel full.

It is advisable to add olive oil to the salad, which increases the benefits of vegetables and increases the efficiency of their antioxidants, according to Sky News.


Fish rich in omega-3 acids such as salmon help increase the feeling of satiety in humans and are also less calories making it an ideal food for those looking for a healthy weight.

In addition, salmon provides the human body with large amounts of iodine, which is important for improving thyroid function and maintaining metabolism.


Many believe that cholesterol-rich eggs cause weight gain, which is a misconception. Research has shown that eggs are still the best foods for weight loss.

Studies say that eating eggs for breakfast increases a person's sense of fullness and makes them eat less during the day. Eggs also help people who are on a low calorie diet.


Those who eat meatless diets, because of their fat content, may eat much lower calorie mushrooms and at the same time contain meat-like foods.


LONDON (Reuters) – Milk is one of the foods that plays an important role in those who want to maintain weight as they get older, a British study suggests.

Although it is not yet clear what role milk plays in weight loss, scientists believe the presence of probiotics and flora in milk helps with weight loss.


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