To get rid of the rumen .. Avoid these foods


Abdominal fat, a nightmare that disturbs women and men. Doctors agree that the fat in this area of ​​the body is the most stubborn in the presence of certain foods that accelerate the proliferation of fat cells in that region.

The fact that sugar is responsible for the growth of fat cells in the human body has become a fact known to all. But there seems to be a type of food that causes fat reproduction, especially in the lower abdomen, the most stored area of ​​fat, for three reasons: unhealthy foods, the stress we experience today and the hormonal factor, which explains the phenomenon especially in men.

The danger of these fats – regardless of the aesthetic factor – is that it is one of the most dangerous fats because it causes diseases like type 2 diabetes or angina, as well as increased blood pressure and disturbances in the metabolism process. Doctors recommend that you eliminate belly fat at full speed.

Nutritionist Sanna Morris, author of The High Fat Diet, explained the basics of what is known as the "high fat diet," five types of foods that must be dispensed with to get rid of the rumen.

Orange squeezed his juice

It is known that sugar in fruit juice is very high, even if it comes to be called healthy sugar. Therefore, it is preferable to eat juices in very limited quantities. The problem here is that "people believe that fruit juice is the natural supplement most appropriate for the human body, but what people do not know is that when the fruit is lost, it loses its tissue," said Sarah Brevere to the German site Fit for Van. By taking a whole grain of fruit, the body gets all the substances that ensure healthy intestinal microbes. "And so they prefer breakfast, eating the whole orange instead of time, according to Deutsche Welle.

Greek yogurt or ice cream

As the temperature increases, the desire to eat ice cream increases and is delicious and refreshing to cover its seriousness. Greek yogurt can therefore be a healthy alternative to ice cream. The latter can be mixed with fruit or coffee, for example, and placed in the refrigerator. Thus, it becomes refreshing like ice cream, but with much more calcium, it also aids in digestion. In addition, Greek yogurt gives you a feeling of satiety rather than speeding up the metabolism process, and you feel hungry just as quickly as ice cream.

Walnut instead of French fries

Crunchy fries are unhealthy foods because they contain high proportions of salt and animal fats. Here there is no better alternative than the nut rich in proteins and the good vegetable fats. Most medical studies on walnut have shown its effectiveness in preventing obesity and eliminating fat because it increases the rate of metabolism or metabolism.

Salmon instead of red meat
Eating sausages and red meat often have to do away with obesity and health disorders. Food stores offer quality meat at lower prices and market them as "better". But medical studies say the opposite. This leads to fat growth around the organs. Therefore, it is better to eat fish even if it is full of fat, like salmon. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to circulate and protect the heart.

Eggs instead of Mosley

Mosley contains many types of cereals including oats, mixtures and others. But it also contains high levels of sugar. When you eat breakfast, your body's glucose level rises directly, but it suddenly comes down to feeling hungry.

"A carbohydrate breakfast that lacks protein and fiber can give us energy, but for a temporary period we then feel hungry," says Inn Marbar, a nutritionist for Fit For Van. For this, al-Musali preferred to eat an egg alongside avocado and a piece of barley bread. It is a balanced meal that adjusts the extent of sugar in the body for a long time.

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