This is crazy .. What a moment .. A standard admiration of a common egg in an intramager


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London – "Arab Jerusalem":

This is crazy, what an hour, that's what the accountant said, who published the most famous photo of Ingestram because the photo was actually just a normal egg.
The egg's photo was taken from American television star Kylie Jenner. The explicit purpose of the photo, which was uploaded on January 4, is beyond the standard Energetic record Jenner received to become the most exciting publication in the setting.
The accountant named "Egg Gang" thanked his followers for their support. In response, Kiley Jenner published a short section of her, breaking an egg on the floor with the title "Take this little egg."
The Egg officially passed the 18 million Jenner fans Sunday night and now has more than 24.5 million fans.
The "Egg Gang" is not the only account that tried to collect a large number of followers or followers using a simple joke or participation. On Twitter, a "half-onion" account was collected by 635,000 followers in an effort to beat the popularity of Donald Trump's account of more than 57 million followers.

Taylor Lorenz of the Atlantic site also documents that there are many other Instagram accounts that post identical images every day in an attempt to quickly win followers.


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