Tuesday , March 9 2021

These symptoms indicate the onset of heart problems

Injuries at the heart of any disease or neglect can cause serious consequences and the main symptoms that may indicate the onset of a heart problem, and requires precautions and physician review:

Chronic cough

Continuous and persistent coughing may be a sign of a cardiovascular problem, so attention should be paid to the color of phlegm, if it is pink, it is a sign of a heart problem.

2. Swelling of the feet

Swelling of the feet is one of the symptoms of a defect in the work of the heart, because the imbalance in working the blood vessels and not pumping the amount of blood required, causes foot survival and swelling.

3 – feeling suffocated

Rarely, the body's daily work is exhausted, but this exceptional condition associated with a feeling of weakness is usually a sign of the possibility of a heart attack, especially when you feel suffocated in the lying position.

4 – pale skin color

The color of the skin becomes pale due to insufficient blood in the small blood vessels, that is, the lack of erythrocytes reaching the skin, so when this condition persists consult a cardiologist.

5 – irregular nervous pulse

Nerves and emotional tension are among the most common causes of cardiac arrhythmia, because in this case, the amount of catecholamines (escape and fighting hormones excreted by the adrenal glands), including adrenaline, adversely affects muscle function cardiac

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