The "VX" exhibition in Sharjah includes a variety of activities


Sharjah 24 – Nasser Freihat:

In an exclusive statement to Sharjah 24, Sheikha Mariam Saud Al Mualla, Head of Events at FAN, confirmed that the success of VGX, the first of its kind at the Sharjah Emirate, organized by the Foundation at the Sharjah Expo, until Friday 21 June , and includes a series of events, activities and workshops, including the "FIFA" competition, as well as the "Fortnight" game, as well as youth awareness workshops.

Al-Mualla added that VGX's gaming activity aims to take advantage of the youngsters 'and gamers' desire to develop their creative and mental abilities and develop their thinking and analysis skills.

The Foundation, which specializes in the promotion and support of children's and youth media art, based in Sharjah, targets a wide range of students and college students, amateur and professional players, as well as YouTube activists, ages 8 and 30 years old.

The event provides an opportunity for online gaming enthusiasts, experts and beginners to see the latest versions of electronic games and highlights current trends in the industry.


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