Friday , October 22 2021

The Superstars circuit is officially launched in 2020


During the E3 Games, the latest Superstars circuit, designed with a distinctive design and officially launched in 2020, was recently announced.

A new race car racing experience was unveiled at the E3 conference by the creators of Original Fire, a new challenge for players in the mini-race.

The game is scheduled to be officially launched in 2020, giving players an experience that simulates racing cars with the mini-car maintenance feature while racing through a team of special cars to simulate the race car on the ground.

The game was the first to be developed from Original Fire, one of the games Square Enix Collective contributed to the E3 conference, encouraging new developers to launch their games, previously contributing to the release of Forgottenon Anne.

The game will be available on PCs, PS4, Xbox One and also on the Nintendo Switch when officially launched in 2020.



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