The sky of the Emirates is studded with seven moons


Abu Dhabi: the Gulf

As part of its cultural epoch under the theme "Zayed: The Memory of the People and the Identity of the Motherland," the Union of Writers and Literature of the United Arab Emirates hosted a national day celebration yesterday at the National Theater's headquarters in Abu Dhabi, including a with the participation of the poets Sameh Kawash, Meshaal Bin Amr, Najat Al-Faris, Najat Al-Dhahiri and Teral Preamble, their media director Mariam Bouayman Naimi.
In parallel to the celebration, the Federation organized a three-part children's art workshop, the first reading of Baba Zayed's story, which included a simplified biography of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, presented by Samah al-Sabah project of Casa Árabe. The third part: It included a drawing workshop entitled "Mural in the Love of the Emirates", presented by the artist Salma Al-Banna. The workshop productions were presented during the Technical exhibition will last a week.
Mohammed Shuaib Al Hammadi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Writers' Union in Abu Dhabi, said: "We are part of society and its homogeneous fabric, so the celebration of National Day includes all groups of society. of a poetry festival, where the Federation houses a constellation of poets of the members of the union who work and associate as an extension of the succession of generations to the continuity of the celebrations of the national occasion dear to our hearts and the diversity of activities between children on one side and adults on the other.
The night was opened by the poet Meshaal bin Amr, where he sang his Nabataean poems, the glory of the United Arab Emirates and his wise leadership and the martyrs of the beloved country, and read the poem "biography of glory", which says at the beginning:

Keep Dar Al Ola Kaddam
Enough of the simplest of your actions
Raffi pride with the tip of the flags
The sky is full of glory
He has made you rich, O tribe of the oppressed.
And the beauty of your Jalk

The poem was read by the poet Talal Dalajah, "Marriage of the Martyr", which concludes with the saying:

Emirates Land Attic Castle
Disobedience in war and cruelty
We need you, my country, the spring of our hearts.
And delivered from desecration and intruders
Behold, we have built for him a mighty union
With his men in the filthy chair

The poet Najat Al-Dhahiri participated in the poem "Rifaat Hobak", in which she sang the love of science, a symbol of pride and dignity.

From the green soul to the white line
From red heart to black ink
You raised your love to Israa
From the height, there is a back of my chest
And the wind of my hair, and also his Sariti
If it brings joy, my homeland is my hair

Sameh Kaouash read a poem in love with the Emirates, said at the beginning:

Emarat argue throughout
The verses of culture and development
Thinking of his successor
And the determination of the Mohammed Shams contest
This is where the history of the House of Azz met
By its leaders faces the Day

The night of poetry ended with the participation of poet Najat Al-Faris with a poem titled "Seven Satellites," which she gave to the precious Emirates on her forty-seventh birthday.
Seven satellites / light filled the horizon / Sanabel / and gardens singing / Ya Zabia minimum / How did you know the sand / the meaning of life? / How did you learn the dark / to disappear / when the fellowship? / Precedents / and precedence / protect you from night exercises / rivers of love / and waterfalls of prayer / of grace / united / as the speeches of Nham / within the space / Galiti happy holiday.


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