Monday , October 25 2021

The pro-media media are talking about banning three of the "most prominent stars of the art" who are loyal to the regime through regular media


Pro-government media said officials issued a decree prohibiting Abbas al-Nuri and Abd Fahd from appearing through Syrian media.

The Al-Jadid channel reported that "a source from the General Authority of Radio and Television reported that Abed Fahad is banned from appearing and staying on local radio and Syrian radio stations." According to the source, the reason is not known until now. , where an ad was hosted the day before the show was broadcast. "

Abbas al-Nuri was arrested after his famous statement against the historic leader Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, describing it as a big lie, prompting agency officials to give oral guidance to prevent them from appearing, which is considered an administrative decision according to the same source.

The news comes after similar events related to the hope of Arafa, who, after its dissemination, announced that he had abandoned the art.

Commenting on the news, Abed Fahad said he was "surprised" by the circulation of the decision to stop him from appearing in Syria's official media, noting that he had learned about it through the media and had not been officially informed of the decision.

"I do not know why a decision was taken to stop me from appearing in Syria's official media, be true, because I was not informed about it and has not been confirmed so far," Fahd said.

Fahad added that he has no information to confirm the credibility of the news or not, and that he is interested in monitoring the subject until he gets the correct information about it.

It is noteworthy that the three artists know their positions loyal to Bashar al-Assad and his army.

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