The new "Ghosn" charges – the statement


Carlos Ghosn, a former president of Nissan Motor Co., was arrested again on Thursday in Tokyo less than a month after his release on bail for questioning allegations of misuse of Nissan's money paid to a distributor in Amman.

Japan-Arabiya quoted well-informed sources as saying more than $ 34 million was paid to the Nissan dealer in Amman, which was run by one of Ghosn's acquaintances for seven years until last year. These payments were made from Nissan's reserve funds, where Ghosn was acting.

Some payments to the Oman sales agency were transferred to a fictitious company in Lebanon through the report of the executive director of the sales agency, an Indian citizen. The funds are believed to have been used to buy a yacht and may also have been transferred to an investment company headquartered in the USA and run by Ibn Ghosn.

Ghosn was charged with violating the Securities Transactions Act for allowing less than he received as an executive in Nissan's financial reports. He is also charged with treason by the Secretariat for the misuse of about $ 10 million of Nissan's money transferred to one of his acquaintances.

Ghosn's defense team described the payments to the Oman sales agency as solid rewards paid at the request of one of the subordinates in April. The defense team said buying the yacht has nothing to do with Nissan.

French automaker Renault reported that an internal investigation into suspected financial irregularities by its former chief, Carlos Ghosn, found suspicious payment practices at a distributor in Amman. The company says it has informed the French prosecutor's office.

The company did not disclose details, but local media say part of the distributor payments were transferred by a Lebanon-controlled company to Ghosn's knowledge, who was the company's chief executive.

Renault also said that a joint investigation with Nissan Japan found that suspicious expenses were covered from the Renault-Nissan Holding account in the Netherlands in 2010 while Ghosn was in the position.

She says the expense is several million dollars.

Renault says that in light of the new findings, it will not pay a large part of Ghosn's salary to 2018 or retirement benefits, which amount to about $ 900,000 per year, stating that Ghosn does not meet the compensation requirements.

Renault, the French automaker, announced Wednesday that Carlos Ghosn will leave the board of directors at a shareholders' meeting in June. Ghosn stepped down as president and chief executive officer in January.

Meanwhile, the lawyer for the former chairman of Nissan Motor's governing body Carlos Ghosn criticized the method of investigation followed by the prosecutor's office and described him as a prisoner of justice. This was reported in Junichiro Hironaka's interview to reporters on Thursday morning in his commentary on Ghosn's arrest again during his release on bail.

He said he could not understand why the Tokyo prosecutor should arrest Ghosn, despite the possibility of collecting evidence and building a case on a new charge, describing the prosecution's investigation as highly inappropriate, and said he saw no point other than harming Ghosn in favor of prosecutors.

Heronaka said it was not yet clear whether the court would accept Ghosn's arrest. If the court does not agree, Hironaka said he hoped Ghosn could hold a press conference on April 11, as he had previously planned.



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