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The Moto Z4 phone has a great hidden hidden feature

If you make smartphones, not Apple, Samsung or Huawei, you really need all the features you can get in a very busy market. That's why it's a bit strange to find out that the Moto Z4 has a really useful feature that Motorola has never talked about.

In fact, a Reddit social network user was required to discover this feature. The Moto Z4 web page displayed the words "Stylus Compatible with Microsoft Active Pen Protocol" below. It seems that this phrase no longer exists, but after a thorough research, some people have discovered that this means that the Surface Pen is compatible with the Moto Z4, which includes pressure sensitivity and everything.

According to one user, he explained that he had tested the Surface Pen with the Moto Z4 and thought it was working properly, including the pressure sensor and everything. However, there seem to be some errors where the rubber button seems to work as a button to return. However, the entire setup remains very beautiful for use in Google Keep.

Smartphones that support electronic pens are very rare on the market, and the Galaxy Note Series is the only one that supports this. Although the Moto Z4 mount is somewhat limited and does not have a slot to include the stylus when not in use, this feature is very useful for painters. Especially those who also use Microsoft Surface devices.


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