The Libyan army announces the restoration of its control of the gate of the 27 in Tripoli


A Libyan military source said on Saturday (6 April) that the Libyan army regained control of the 27-gate in Tripoli after Al-Wefaq's government forces seized control of the gate, where President of the Faiz Al-Sarraj Presidential Council visited her on Friday morning.

Benghazi – Sputnik. A senior military source, who declined to be identified, told Sputnik that "Libyan National Army forces are retaking the gate of the 27th and now guard the portal through a live broadcast of the military operations room."

In a related context, the Military Intelligence Division of the General Command of the Armed Forces of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, "one of the greatest warlords" in Tripoli, Gnwaa Kalki, during clashes with the Libyan army forces.

"In accordance with the commander-in-chief's orders not to lay down arms only for those who wanted to confront the armed forces, our brave soldiers were forced into clashes with various armed groups on the outskirts of Tripoli," the military intelligence an announcement.


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