The king turns his delay against Al Dhafra with the goal of winning 2 1


Sharjah: Essam Hajo

Al-Dhafra have beaten Al-Dhafra 2-1 in their match at Khalid Bin Mohammed Stadium in Sharjah, Al-Azhana in the 14th round of the Arab League of the Gulf, and increased the lead to 34 points. Al Dhafra in 14 points.
The most precious victory for King was when the hosts returned to the game in the last 12 minutes after a late goal from Abdullah Al-Rifa & i of Al-Wahda to Al-Dhafra, who is a resident. Al-Dhafra scored the goal in the fifth minute of the match. Sharjah continued to look for a change in the score during the course of the match until he was awarded a draw. The video technique granted him a penalty due to Abdulrahman Youssef's contact with Wilton on the way out of the field.
Al-Dhafra's team was affected by the departure of their strong defender Amin Al-Atoshi, Al-Anbari made offensive substitutions and gave Motasem Yassin a substitute for Ali Al-Thanhani, but Soren turned to the right side and Mu- tasim Yassin was in the attack with Wilton and scored the second Sharjah goal.
The game was moderated by Adel Al Naqbi and was protested by both players during the match and also by the public due to the lack of a series of violations of the two teams.
After the game, coach Abdul Aziz Al Anbari explained that the victory has proved the quality of the team and that the players have a great desire and determination to maintain the lead and win the title. Al-Anbari praised the fighting spirit of the players during the game and the great enthusiasm and envy of the players towards the team. Delay in the first half with a goal.
"I congratulate the players for this performance and I congratulate them for winning, I think they played a great game and they proved that football gives the team that is fighting and fighting in the field. "Winning is a great motivation for the team to continue the journey and a positive sign means a lot to me as a coach. The enthusiasm of the players and their willingness to return in the game is good for the team.
"If players were not worried about refereeing and clashing with Al Dhafra players in a long time, these things help them lose time, but in the second half the players stepped away from protesting and fighting with Al Dhafra players and The team got quieter. "
Al-Anbari said he had told the players about the danger of the Al-Dhafra team and said: "I warned the players about Al-Dhafra's strength and asked them to be cautious. We got an early goal but we got back on track. I think that talking to the players between the two sides of the game has come to fruition.
Mutasim, who entered the substitute and scored the winning goal, said: "Mutassim Yassin officially presented his credentials with the team and will enter the atmosphere of the games gradually.


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