The Future Film Festival opens in Al Ain UAE


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Al Ain, the attractive city of the United Arab Emirates, is looking forward to an incomparable visual and entertaining imagination, its first film festival, under the theme Cinema Future.

"We are very happy to celebrate the first edition of this festival in one of the most prestigious cities in the United Arab Emirates, which embraces an important part of the culture and heritage of the United Arab Emirates," said Amer Salmeen Al Marri, General Director of the Festival. "Right now there is tremendous artistic and tourist impetus."

"We hope that during the special session of the festival this year will be a true supporter of the cinema of the future, and a window through which all the young creative artists of the film world will be exposed and thus create artistic mobility that will positively reflect on the local film industry. "

The festival, which runs through May 3, includes 67 films in four competitions: the United Arab Emirates, including 23 films, Al-Saqr Al Khaleeji, including 26 films, Al-Saqr for Arab and foreign films, 13 films and the School Film Competition, including five films. Cinema tolerance and world cinema.

The opening was attended by a group of stars, creators and critics of the seventh art, including the Moroccan actress Maysa Maghrabi, the Bahraini director Bassam Thawadi, the Syrian writer Huzan Akko and the Egyptian critic Tariq al-Shennawi.

The festival also honored the opening of some artistic figures, such as Saudi actor Ibrahim Al-Hasawi and UAE writer Abdulrahman Al-Saleh.

Throughout the festival, workshops and seminars will be held to exchange ideas and experiences and to identify future cinema visions, including a panel discussion entitled "Gulf Cinema between Reality and Ambition."

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