The first kidney transplant of a donor with AIDS


A woman who was positive for the serum received a kidney transplant donated by a 35-year-old woman infected with HIV, Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore announced on Thursday.

The operation took place on Monday and donor Nina Martinez will attend a news conference on Thursday. The identity of the patient who received the college was not disclosed.

Martinez wanted to donate the kidney to a friend, but after her death she decided to continue her project to donate to someone who did not know what the hospital was saying.

Previously, doctors considered it dangerous to keep a person with positive serology in a kidney.

The decision to implant reflects scientists' confidence in current regenerative therapies that allow patients to have a normal or semi-normal life.

About 500 to 600 HIV-positive people can donate annually to members of the United States, while thousands of HIV-positive people are waiting for a transplant, said Dr. Dori Segev, a physician at Johns Hopkins Hospital. So far, only members of dead serum aspirants could be used for transplantation.

The patient receiving the RA will continue to use antiretroviral therapy as well as Nina Martinez.


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