The difference between adrenaline and noradrenaline


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Hormones in our bodies play a large role in maintaining the balance of the functions of the organs within the body. Hormones also affect our mental state. Some positive feelings are felt by humans because of the hormones responsible for feeling happy, or other hormones can. be responsible for sadness or anger In this regard, we offer you two hormones responsible for your psychological condition and your health condition, ie, adrenaline and hormone (noradrenaline).

What is the hormone adrenaline and how does it affect the human body

Adrenaline is one of the most important hormones in the human body, which can affect the person in a very high state, excreted in the body when the person is exposed to a sudden position or a feeling of fear or tension. As adrenaline is one of the hormones present in the body and secretion in the blood when the person feels fear and tension, the heart beats palpitations, and this increases the flow of blood to the heart, which requires the body to expand the arteries of the heart to absorb the amounts of blood. For the heart and so A person can react quickly to situations that he may face, so we feel the rhythm of our heart quickly when we experience a happy surprise and when we are under the influence of a high degree of emotion or adventure,

Adrenaline is used as a medicine used to treat multiple diseases

1. Adrenaline is used to treat severe allergic reactions.

2. Adrenaline is used to expand the arteries of the heart and stimulate the heart to function properly.


3. Adrenaline is used for severe asthma attacks due to chest allergies and various respiratory problems.

4- Adrenaline is used to reduce high eye pressure and glaucoma in the eye, and is used in many drops.

  1. Adrenaline reduces blood hemorrhage, so it is used in first-aid medications made by people exposed to accidents.

6- Treatment of adrenalin (nasal).

What is the hormone norepinephrine and how does it affect the human body

Noradrenaline is a natural hormone secreted by neurons. The hormone (noradrenaline) occurs in many areas of the body and is often referred to as a hormone (control or leakage), where it is responsible for the body's reaction to stressful situations. The hormone (noradrenaline ) is very similar to adrenaline because it gives the same effect to the organism (increased heart rate, high blood pressure, expansion and enlargement of the airways in the lungs, narrowing of blood vessels in non-essential organs, on the process of inspiration Exhalation) is also secreted into a narrow blood vessel is important in the case of the human body.

The hormone (noradrenaline) is a derivative of the hormone (adrenaline), which is secreted by the renal gland (adrenal gland), and has a general effect on other organs of the body, and also uses this hormone intravenous injections into the vein as in the hormone adrenaline, but increases the number of heartbeats due to the lack of oxygen that the heart needs dynamically, and is also used in the treatment of heart disease and chest attacks and congestion in the airways.

The difference between adrenaline and noradrenaline

There are slight differences between the two, as the hormone (adrenaline) works to affect and press the friendly receptors of a certain pattern called (alpha and beta) equally in both receptors, and the hormone (noradrenaline), affects the receptors friendly Of the standard (alpha) Only, the effect of this hormone on the beta receptors is weak and less effective than its predecessor.

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