«The day of the day». The convocation of the Fourth Arabization Conference April 20, 1981


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The idea of ​​creating the Arabization Coordination Bureau was to create a specialized Arab organization that would coordinate the efforts of the Arab countries in the field of Arabization of modern terminology and would effectively contribute to the use of Arabic in public life at all stages of education and activities cultural, scientific and media. And in implementing the recommendations of the first Arabization Conference held in Rabat in 1961.

Following the first session of its Executive Council in Rabat on 19 February 1962, it was annexed to the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States in March 1969, and when the Arab League's Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization established itself as a specialized agency League of Arab States in July 1970.

It was then known as the "Permanent Office for the Coordination of Arabization in the Arab World", and its regulations were approved by the Executive Board of the Organization at its eighth session held in Cairo in early 1973.
The conference was held in Rabat, Morocco, and aims to publish dictionaries approved by the Arabization conferences, hold seminars on the Office's program and coordinate between linguistic councils and educational, scientific and cultural organizations in Arab countries. , And the study of what ends the research of the linguistic assemblies of recommendations and research.

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